Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From Pfaff to Grace

My first sewing machine was a Singer or Brother or something like that. It was bought at Walmart and inexpensive. I wanted to make sure quilting and sewing was going to be a hobby I really enjoyed and participated in. Just so you know since I've begun sewing and quilting I know belong to the infamous UFO Club. I'm running with the best!

Here is my first fancy machine. It's a Pfaff 7570 that I bought from a friend.  It worked great for years, never had any problems with it. Then slowly in the past year it began to die.  First the embroidery went and now it just makes lots of funny noises and I can't see the screen very well. It has been maintained properly and I have been told the computer board is almost dead. It would cost more to fix than to replace with another basic machine.  In the picture you will see one of my three faithful sewing companions. His name is Fred and he will be 6 months on Feb. 18th.

Because I don't know the actual day my Pfaff 7570 will die, I decided to purchase a new regular sewing machine. However, I will need to hold off on trying to satisfy the creative embroidery cravings for a little while.  I decided to purchase a Baby Lock Grace. It came highly recommended by my quilting friend and class instructor Sara.  I'm very happy with my Grace. She purrs like a dream.

I will introduce you to my other two faithful sewing companions another day.

May Pffaf and Grace join pieces in your day!

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