Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Voices of the Past Blocks Part 1

In the pattern series of Voices of the Past that I am working on, there are twelve different patterns for twelve different women throughout history. Working on these blocks and reading the history that is provided for each of these women has been quite a pleasurable experience.  Not only did I learn of history I also learned more about quilting. Each block either taught me a new technique, helped me to improve something I already knew how to do or was just an overall character builder. Below are the blocks I have completed so far. I have labeled what each block was named and the product number in case you were interested you can go to Kaye England's website and look them up.

Martha Washington's Star (VOP-101) - I did 2 blocks

Helen Taft Medallion (VOP-102) 

Besty Ross Star (VOP-103)

Carry Nation Block (VOP-104)

Dolley Madison Star (VOP-105)

See Part 2 for more blocks :)

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