Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yo Yo Quilt

Aunt Cathy bought me a yo yo quilt at an auction she went to. Looks like it would fit nicely on a full size bed. It is a very old quilt. It really needs to be handled delicately.  Every time I move it, it seems I hear a tear or rip.  There are a few spots I need to fix.

I need some advice on how to clean this without it falling apart. The smell isn't bad, so I know it will be easy to clean up.  I just need advice on what is the best way to do this.  The only thing I can think of is when it finally gets warm out to soak it in the bathtub then hang it outside to dry.

Please leave advice in the comments section. I know there are many experienced quilters out there who can help me with this.

Up close of some of the yo-yos

I tried to get a picture of it on a bed.

I found this interesting. One end of the quilt is angled on each side.  I think it is supposed to be finished that way because each side is the same.  However, what end of the bed does the angled end go on.  Should I put the angles at the top of the bed with the pillows?  Or I wonder if they are supposed to go at the bottom and maybe the angles help the top lay nicely on the corners. 


  1. I would just spray some Febreeze on it and maybe air it outside when the weather warms up.When folded to put away put good smelling dryer sheets in the folds. I would NOT try to clean it further. You got a real treasure.

  2. I bet that quilt was made to fit on a full size mattress. the rounded(Angled) corners will hang without extra bulk when draped over the end of a "full" size mattress. I think that mattress is only 5 feet wide (or less)...find something that wide and drape it over it and see if it works. if it does you don't have any pointed corners dragging the floor.

  3. Many times the corner is either worked off into the design like this or has a split to accommodate bedposts at the foot of the bed.

  4. I have sealed fabric up in a plastic bag with an opened bar of deodorant soap (wrapped in a paper towel), put it away for a month or so and I bet that smell would go away. I agree with Diann above, I would be afraid to try to wash it in any way.

  5. I agree too about not washing it. The weight of the wet fabric would just pull it all apart when you tried to lift it out of the water. I have heard that safeguard or irish spring soap is good to put with it, like "hared" above was saying. Enjoy your beautiful treasure!

  6. I would avoid wetting the quilt at all. I have had brand new fabrics "spotted" with Mary Ellen's starch, and I would be very, very leery of using any type of "wet chemical" at all. I completely understand the need to clean it, but I would default to airing the quilt out of direct sunlight and/or gently vacuuming the quilt with the upholstery attachment of a vacuum. Also, rather than hanging the quilt to air it, I'd instead drape it over a chair, etc. Beautiful quilt! Good luck!