Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Voices of the Past Blocks Part 2

I have completed all the blocks for this pattern series except one. To look best it has to be done by hand applique. I'm not experienced enough in machine applique to complete it and have it look nice.  Just a technique I nee to wok on.

Harriet Tubman Block (VOP-106) She has 2 blocks

Frances Cleveland Block (VOP-107)
This my friends is also known as The Character Builder (per my husband)
I was in the sew, press, rip, sew, press, rip cycle for awhile.

Lucille Ball (VOP-108)
Lucy's Basket Block

Amelia Earhart (VOP-109) There were 2 blocks

Almost done...see Part 3 for the rest of the blocks

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